Heer - Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Meaning + Lyrics + Translations)

Last night listened all the songs of this years' Most awaited and first time A.R Rahman + Yashraj Collaborated   "Jab Tak Hai Jaan". Everyone is already liking the track "Challa" but I personally didn't liked this track and feels that it will  not last long. The song that struck chord at first time is the "Heer" sung very beautifully by Harshdeep Kaur, I can bet this track will rock every radio stations  and music tv channels in upcoming days.

Ok now come to the meaning of the song:

This songs takes account of two out of the four popular tragic romances of the Punjab in Mughal India Mughal Empire: Heer Ranjha and Mirza Sahiba.
(You can have a better understanding of the songs if go through the love story of Mirza-Sahiban on wikipedia here . Mirza Sahiban's story is one of very few where the male's name comes first.)

Long story short: In Heer Ranjha, Ranjha left his beloved to get married to another suitor in the beginning. And in Mirza-Sahebaan, where Mirza takes his beloved on a horse.
So, in the song, the lead wants to be called Sahebaan instead of Heer.

Lyrics + Translations:

Heer Heer na akho odiyo, Main te Sahibaan hoye,
Ghodi leke aaye le jaaye, Ghodi leke aaye le jaaye,
Le jaaye Mirza koi, Le jaaye Mirza koi,

Don't call me Heer, my friends,I've become Sahibaan 

I hope he comes on a horse and take me away, 
I wish some Mirza comes for me and takes me away 

Ohde je hi main te oh mere warga,
hansda ae sajra sawere varga,
ankha bandh kar la te thande hanere varga

I am like him, he is jsut like me.. 

He smiles like it's morning,
and if he closes eyes, it's like cold dark.. 

ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere varga

Naal naal tur na te vith rakhna
hadd rakh lena wich dil rakhna,
chhanve chhanve paawe assi teri parchhawe tur na

walk with me (close to me) only, don't keep any distance in between, 

mark a boundary, and keep the heart in between. 

I have to walk under your shade only.. 

ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere varga


  1. Amazing feelings is in this wordings.....
    really a true soul always want to
    sing this song for their beloved one ...

  2. Wonderful Singing makes the song a touchy song.

  3. superb song....sweet voice and lovely music adds beauty to the song........
    and SRK looks handsome in this song..

  4. This is the best song...best lyrics and it's meanings....Have a Very great feeling by understanding the meaning of the song...